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How To Prepare Your Home for Carpet Installation

New carpet can breathe fresh life into your home, offering a plush surface underfoot and enhancing the overall aesthetic. But before the installation crew arrives, some essential preparation on your end ensures a smooth and efficient process. 


Clearing the space

The most crucial step in preparing for carpet installation is clearing the room entirely. This means removing all furniture, including beds, dressers, couches, tables, and chairs. The installers need unobstructed access to the entire floor area to properly lay the carpet and ensure a perfect fit.


Once the furniture is out, clear the room of any smaller items like lamps, rugs, electronics, and decorative pieces. Consider moving plants and artwork to another room to avoid dust and debris during installation.


Prepping the subfloor

The subfloor – the layer beneath your existing flooring – plays a vital role in the longevity and performance of your new carpet. Here's what you need to check:


  • Levelness: The subfloor should be flat and even. Any bumps, dips, or unevenness will telegraph through the carpet, creating an uneven walking surface and potentially causing premature wear. Inspect the subfloor for any irregularities and address them by sanding down high spots or filling low areas with a patching compound suitable for subfloors.
  • Cleanliness: The subfloor should be free of dirt, debris, grease, or any lingering adhesive residue from old flooring. Thoroughly sweep and vacuum the subfloor to remove any loose particles that could compromise the carpet's adhesion.
  • Moisture: Moisture issues can lead to carpet mold and mildew growth. Check for any signs of water damage on the subfloor, such as warping, buckling, or visible mold growth. If you suspect moisture problems, address them before installing the carpet to prevent future complications.


Additional considerations

  • Door clearances: New carpet adds thickness to the floor. Measure your doorways to ensure there's enough clearance for doors to swing freely after the installation. If necessary, have your doors planned by a professional to accommodate the additional height.
  • Trim removal: In some cases, the installers might need to remove baseboards or shoe molding to ensure a clean and seamless carpet installation. Discuss this possibility with your installer beforehand and plan on having the trim pieces reinstalled after the carpet is laid.
  • Air circulation: Carpet installation often involves using adhesives. Ensure proper ventilation in the room during and after installation to allow fumes to dissipate quickly.


Relaxation awaits

By following these simple preparation steps, you can ensure a smooth and efficient carpet installation process. With the room cleared, the subfloor prepped, and any other considerations addressed, you can relax and look forward to enjoying your beautiful new carpet.


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