Hardwood flooring and your home

Hardwood flooring is one of the most highly sought products to enhance the décor and value of your home. With a variety of options, you’ll find it meets more needs than you might first have thought.

You’ll be able to choose from plenty of options, but they must be based on your specific requirements for the best result. For instance, you wouldn’t want a softwood for your busiest spaces. But you don’t have to get lost in the details, because we’re here to help every step of the way.

Why wood floors give you design freedom and more

Not only are these floors durable, elegant, and offer a long lifespan, they can choose from numerous choices. To begin start by picking the species of your choice, followed by a stain color, a sealant type, and the perfect finish. The species is significant, as some are harder than others. Be sure you match the species with your household traffic levels. Making these floors a part of your life is not a hard decision, but you do have the option of engineered or solid wood floor options. The engineered wood floors are still real hardwood but the major difference is they can be installed in below-grade spaces where the solid version cannot. These materials are just as elegant, but more resistant to moisture, humidity, and temperature changes.

Making these floors a part of your life is not a hard decision. But if you need guidance on the options, benefits, and installation procedures, we’d love to speak with you about your project. Feel free to visit at your convenience to find out how we can help.

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Hardwood floor

There are many factors to consider when selecting a hardwood floor for your home besides color and finish. One of the main considerations is a nice quality finish that is free of debris which is common with sand & finish hardwood floors. Most brands of prefinished hardwood floors, for example, are stained and finished in a stringent controlled environment free of airborne debris and particles. These prefinished wood floors manufacturers such as also cure their finishes under ultraviolet light conditions. The benefit is each board will resist fading when exposed by natural light through the windows of your home compared to sand and finish wood floors virtually eliminating the need for frequent and expensive refinishing due to fading. Furthermore, the long-term value is the color of the floor stays more consistent especially around area rugs and furniture. In addition, prefinished hardwood products are typically 3 or 5 ply and are cross-laminated for dimensional stability. The fewer the plies the better because it usually means you have a thicker wear layer on top. We recommend nothing less than a 3/8” thickness. However, a full 1/2” is preferred. In you will find that most of their products are 3 ply except for the exotics. So the top wear layer on a 1/2” product is 1/6” of an inch. This is a generous amount of material for a top wear layer. So much, in fact, gives their 1/2” 3 ply products a 3-time sand & refinish guarantee. On the 3/8”s thick products, you get a 1-time sand and finish guarantee. This sound like great stuff to you and me, but the reality is, when you take care of your wood floors, you may not need to ever re-stain & refinish your floors especially when you consider that prefinished wood floors typically have up to 7 coats of polyurethane applied to them versus the average of 2 coats on a sand and finish job done in your home. So as you can see, prefinished wood floors have a lot of advantages to today's value conscience consumer.

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